What’s an ADF gap year?

The ADF Gap Year program provides an opportunity for young Australians, who have finished year 12 (or equivalent) and are aged between 17 and 24*, to experience military training and lifestyle whilst gaining new skills and pay over their Gap Year.

Gap Year opportunities are available in the Navy, Army and Air Force.

Is it made for me?

Have you been thinking about taking a Gap Year unlike any others? Are you interested in pursuing military experience? Do you want to push your physical and mental fitness to a new level? The ADF Gap Year Program is exactly what you need to try your hand at immersion in military lifestyle while learning valuable skills for a period of one year.

When would I start?

The Gap Year program will commence in January/February 2016.

What will I do with myself?

After completing basic recruit training and your specific trade training, you’ll be immersed in the Navy, Army or Air Force lifestyle while continuing to learn on the job. You’ll learn valuable skills, meet new friends and may even receive recognised qualifications to help progress your future career.

What opportunities are there for me at the end of my ADF gap year?

You will have the opportunity to apply to:

  • Continue service in the Full Time Navy, Army or Air Force with ongoing job opportunities,
  • Transfer to the Navy, Army or Air Force Reserves where you can continue to use your skills on a part-time basis, or
  • Choose to leave the Australian Defence Force and pursue an alternate career path.

How is this good for my career?

The life skills and job training that you will acquire during your Gap Year experience will be valuable regardless of what career you ultimately undertake.

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