This term has pretty much wrapped up for most of us, which means FINALLY we’ll be able to catch a breath for a second before the onslaught of exams and assessment starts back up again next term. YAY.

You probs have a heap of holiday homework and study you need to be doing over the break, not to mention all the catching up on missed notes and assessments you should have started weeks ago. But amongst it all, don’t forget the whole point of your hols- to have a break. To make the most of it.

1. The ‘real world’ doesn’t have blocks of holidays

When you graduate and start working, you’re going to realise that having massive blocks of holidays throughout the year is a luxury that doesn’t happen in the real world. If you’re heading to uni, you’ll be able to stretch out the freedom of preplanned breaks a little bit more, but even then you’re probably going to have so much work to catch up on that it doesn’t feel like a holiday anyway. After that, you’re on that 9-5 grind and you’ll miss the good old days when you could count down until your next scheduled holiday.

2. You’re going to drift from your friends after grad

When you graduate, you’re going to say goodbye to the people you’ve been spending every day with for the past couple of years. There’s going to be no more laughing fits in the middle of Maths, no more group trips to the canteen or hanging out in the same spot every recess and lunch. It’s pretty easy to use your holidays as a break from your friends; after all, you usually spend all day every day with them. But use this holidays to forget about the fact that in a matter of months you might be saying goodbye and spend time hanging out- go to the movies and on road trips and spend late nights talking about how you promise to stay best mates even after graduation.

3. Next term will put you in overdrive

Once you get back from these holidays, you’re going to be in overdrive. Exams and assessments will be coming in fast and hard and the major work you’re only a quarter of the way through will be due before you know it. If you haven’t knocked your trials over yet, you’re going to have to face them, as well as the impending doom that comes with studying (or procrastinating studying) for your final exams. Plus, you’ve got formal, muck up days and graduation coming as well. Cruising to the finish line probably isn’t going to happen, so take this next couple of weeks to rest up before you kick into gear.