Congrats guys, you made it to Easter holidays. There’s no doubt you’re feeling the inevitable dread that comes with facing the tougher side of the schooling year where assignments pile up, exams get closer and you realise you’re drowning under all the shit you have to do.

Most school holidays follow the same routine–long mornings spent sleeping in, days where you slump in your bed, only moving to get up and check the fridge for the millionth time, the same comfy clothes worn day in and day out. And that’s fair, because when you’ve spent the last couple of months with early wake ups, annoying uniforms, boring classrooms and endless homework and assignments, sometimes all you can manage to do is laze around at home, enjoying the bliss that comes with not having to set an alarm the night before.

Let me tell you that this break you need to look after yourself and appreciate the time off to rest. Once you head back through those school gates, you’re going to be expected to knuckle down. Major projects, trials and exams will creep up on you and before you know it you’re going to be knee deep in study notes and breakdowns. I’m not saying completely ignore the homework, study and assignments you should be doing over the holidays because there’s nothing worse than getting to the day before school goes back and freaking out that you’ve done nothing. But, if you’re feeling the pressure, here are some stress-free holiday plans that will let you rest and help prevent any burn out that’s building up.

1. Catch up on Netflix

You’ve probably been putting off a lot of the quality shows and movies that Netflix has been putting out lately. Time to find out what all the fuss is about and binge watch the shows that everyone’s been talking about. With no plans during the day, this holidays is the perfect time to get on top of all the shows you’ve been meaning to watch.

2. Bank some decent sleep

This is the perfect chance to completely ruin your sleeping pattern without severe consequences. You can get into the routine of early rises when school heads back, but for now, relish the extra hours you can spend tucked up in bed and stop feeling so exhausted. Holidays are the perfect time to sleep as much as your body needs, without being jolted awake by yet another alarm. Chances are you’re over-tired, so take advantage of being able to bank up some decent sleep.

3. Spend a whole day in bed

Much like sleeping in, spending a whole day in bed is usually reserved for Sundays when you’re blatantly ignoring all the work you should be doing. It’s perfectly justifiable to stay in your pjs and spend hours laying around this holidays.

4. Take it slow

If you’re juggling a million things at once during the school term it’s not often that you don’t have to rush around or do a mad dash to make sure you get somewhere on time. Enjoy that you can take things slow for a couple of weeks, with no alarms or bells dictating your day.

5. Get outside

Once you’ve had a solid couple of days inside, you’re probably going to be itching for some fresh air and sunlight. If you’ve banked some serious hours of sleep and Netflix, head outside to see the real world and get some Vitamin D. It’s super easy when you’re not forced to head to school every day to slack off on hanging out with your friends and to spend the entirety of your holidays bumming around. But, even if it’s just walking down to the local shops for some hot chips or spending a day lazing around each other’s house, interacting with someone other than your dog is worth it.