Stop ignoring it. The beginning of the school year is slowly but surely creeping forward and you’ve probably been swimming and day drinking your heart out while ignoring all of your holiday work.

Look, chances are, you’re probably never going to have your shit completely together, but here’s some ways that’ll give the illusion that you do.

1. Start sleeping normally again

One of the many plus sides of school holidays is being able to stay up watching Netflix till 3am and then waking up the next afternoon.

This unfortunately, is not how school works, so try to get some sort of routine going. Don’t watch that next episode. Get the first Uber home from the party. Maybe, just maybe, set an alarm?

2. Buy some stationary

Stationary is fun and the perfect way to lull yourself into a false sense of productivity, which we love!

Spend three hours at Officeworks, crying in each aisle as you have no idea what to get, yet somehow leaving with the entire store. Use your new fluoro highlighters to colour co-ordinate different reasons why your life is falling apart!

Seriously though, just buy some new stuff; it’ll make you feel fresh and energised to take on the new year ahead.

3. Clean out your room

Out with the old, in with the stress and anxiety of starting school again.

Cleaning your room is a chore and will not be fun (unless you’ve just binge watched The Life Changing Magic of Cleaning Up) but making sure the remnants of the year that has past are gone is integral in starting your year fresh.

Don’t let old notes get mixed up with new notes, put that Cruiser bottle that’s been hiding under your bed in the bin, make sure everything, including your life, is in order.

4. Actually do your work

I know, I know; it’s a very tempting plan to either leave your holiday work to the very last minute or just ignore it completely.

But, this will just end up being a symbol for your year to come, and you have the potential to make this year a successful one, so start on the right foot.

5. Go out with a bang

While starting school on the right foot is obviously important, taking advantage of the last few days of holidays is probably (and don’t quote me) more important.

Go to as many house parties as you can, finish all those Netflix shows on your list, go to the beach, pack up the car and head on a road trip and enjoy (some) sleep-ins.