With Disney’s latest ‘Beauty and the Beast’ hitting the big screens last week, it’s worth taking note of Disney films that can be enjoyed from your very own bed where you wont be shoving small children out of the way to relive the magic of your childhood.  Netflix has a pretty good starter collection of more recent as well as classic Disney films in case you can’t make it to the cinema any time soon.


If you want your classic animated Disney, ‘Aladdin’ hits the spot. It nails it with the musical numbers and you’ll be singing along to your old faves- think ‘A Whole New World’ and ‘Friend Like Me’. Plus, you get the comedic genius of the late Robin Williams in the form of Genie who will tug at your nostalgic heart strings like there’s no tomorrow.

Finding Nemo

Another animated one that will take you back, ‘Finding Nemo’ perfectly balances the heart-wrenching beginning with the feel-good ending. Marlin searching for his son literally across oceans hammers home the Disneynified message of the importance of determination and courage and P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney (which is permanently etched in the memories of anyone who grew up with the movie) is a nice nod to us Aussies.


If you’re looking for a more recent Disney hit, ‘Zootopia’ is the way to go. The story of Officer Hopps touches on some pretty deep messages about diversity and acceptance as well as stereotypes and flat out discrimination but in true Disney fashion, the darker themes don’t dampen the film and the ultimate triumph of the good guys will have you cheering. Not to mention Shakira’s ‘Try Everything’ will be stuck in your head for days afterwards.


Sometimes all you need is a Disney princess who kicks butt, and Rapunzel does not fail to deliver in ‘Tangled’ when she single-handedly knocks out Flynn Rider with a fry pan. Much like ‘Zooptopia’, you can read right into the story and draw out darker themes surrounding Mother Gothel keeping Rapunzel captive. Plus, the almost-death towards the end of the film is pretty heavy stuff for a kids movie. Regardless, Tangled is a super easy one to watch, with enough going on to keep you entertained even if you’re over 12 years old.

The Parent Trap

Shifting away from animation, ‘The Parent Trap’ is a great one. Not only will it offer a glimpse into Lindsay Lohan when she was young and innocent, it will totally make you wish you could have gone to an American summer camp and had a family butler. Nostalgia will kick you right in the face with this one so it’s definitely worth the watch, even if it’s not the fairytale style film we’ve come to know and love.