When you’re in the midst of your teenage years, it’s easy to get caught up in the drama and emotion of high school. Right now, you’ll be prepping for the biggest exams you’ve ever taken in your schooling life and the pressure’s on more than ever before.

But before you freak out take a deep breath and remember to put things in perspective. Some of the things you think are important now are going to become insignificant once you finish school.

1. Your marks

You’ll be told this a million times but once you graduate you’ll realise that your marks really don’t matter. If you really want to go to uni you’ll find a way regardless of your final score and you’ll probably end up sitting next to someone who came first in their class without ever knowing.

The tutors and the lecturers won’t care if you passed or failed your last maths exam and no one is going to ask about your major work once it’s all finished.


2. What people think of you

While you’re in high school,  all the drama and gossip about who likes who and what everyone thinks of you is unavoidable. Most of the time you’ve spent years with the same people and everyone has seen each other fumble their way through puberty, first kisses, crushes, break ups, best friends and fights.

By the time you’re past all of that, you’ll realise that what other people think about you doesn’t bother you as much anymore and you’ll wonder why you spent so much time worrying about it in high school.

3. How many friends you have

When you graduate you will leave people behind. Promises to be ‘best friends forever’ aren’t intentionally broken but you will grow apart from people, especially the loose groups of friends you only ever saw at school.

When you finish high school and start making new friends through uni, work or travel you’ll stop stressing about how many friends you have and instead start caring about how good they are. Classic quality over quantity scenario.

4. Relationships

High school relationships are intense but also temporary. Whether it’s a boy or your best friend–things change and feelings evolve. Someone will break your heart and you will think that it’s the end of the world.

But you’ll eventually move on and learn that at 16, or 17, or 18–no one is worth stressing over. Life will keep going, you will move on and leave people behind.

5. Knowing what you’re doing

There’s a lot of pressure when you’re in your final years to get your shit together. Uni applications, deadlines and career paths are all demanding you decide what you’re doing. What you choose now is meant to define what you do for the rest of your life. But the truth is, that’s bullshit.

No one has got it all together and all the ‘adults’ who tell you to sort your life out are just as confused as you are. And that’s okay.

You will change your mind, fail a class and switch degrees. You’ll figure out what you like and what you don’t. You’ll work, travel and study and you’ll realise that a decision when you’re seventeen doesn’t impact the rest of your life the way you’re scared it will.