With summer holidays looming you might be wondering how you’re going to earn a little more cash to finance your Christmas break. With the Chrissy holidays being one of the busiest times of the year for the hospo and retail industries, you’ll see casual jobs popping up everywhere and if you don’t mind working while everyone else has weeks off, it’s time to start applying for them.

1. Have your resume ready

Have a resume prepped and ready to go for when positions start popping up. You’ll probably be applying online and in person so it’s always worth having a couple of printed copies on hand during your job hunt. There’s no point waiting until your fav store starts advertising for casuals to start putting together your resume; it’ll take longer than you realise and you might miss your chance.

2. Keep an eye out for positions

Heaps of places will advertise in their store windows or on their website. Sus out online jobs boards and don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends if they hear of any jobs available; they might even be able to put in a good word for you.

3. Don’t be picky with hours

The reality of being a Christmas casual is the hours can be a bit all over the place. The upside of this is you can earn a lot more cash than you would otherwise. Be aware that you might not be getting the best shifts of the roster and that only being available for a couple of hours every now and then won’t guarantee you shifts. On top of this, working the public holidays can be rough but you’ll be making bank.

4. Be ready to learn quickly

Christmas casuals are brought in for a short stint and whatever you’re doing will usually require minimal training. If you want to keep getting shifts be ready to learn quickly and prove that you can get the job done with minimal assistance. That’s not to say you shouldn’t ask questions but the faster you learn something, the better.

5. Don’t limit yourself

Just because you’ve never worked in a retail store doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for a casual Christmas position. Same goes for jobs like photographers assistant, while helping snap photos of kids on Santa’s lap might not be something you do all the time, you’ll be able to pick up the skills pretty quicky and you don’t want to narrow your job opportunities just because you’re scared of trying something new.