When we talk about apprenticeships, we talk about carpentry, mechanics, plumbing, chefing and hairdressing. But there so many other apprenticeships and traineeships that are equally in-demand yet far less heard about.

With a massive national skills shortage across a whole range of industries and a job market that is changing more rapidly than ever before, it’s worth looking at the industries that are desperately in need of workers. Because there are heaps and heaps and heaps of industries that are looking to employ people who are young and keen. In fact, MIGAS has a whole bunch of vacancies across a whole range of trades that you can check out. But before you go and check those out, try some of these on for size.

1. Horticulture and Gardening Traineeships

This is the home of the green-thumbs. If you love to get your hands in the dirt and see your hard work grow into amazing results this is the trade for you. There are a variety of specialisations for the inner landscape designer, the true gardener and even those keen to grow the perfect lawn. 

2. Electrical Instrumentation Apprenticeship

An Electrical Instrumentation tradie’s primarily focus is on the measurement, automation and control of systems used to monitor and maintain temperature, pressure and flow in processes for industries such as mining, oil and gas, food and manufacturing.

Electrical Instrumentation takes a curious mind. During your apprenticeship, you’ll develop the necessary skills for investigating systems, installing equipment, servicing them and ensuring everything is operating at peak performance. This qualification offers opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries. 

3. Sheet Metal Apprenticeship

Sheet metal workers specialise in metal work, including welding, shaping, forming, drilling, cutting and joining metal for construction purposes. A sheet metal apprenticeship requires strength, physical fitness, hands on accuracy and great hand-eye coordination. It’s a 4-year apprenticeship with on-the-job practical training and completion of off-the-job theory at a registered training organisation like TAFE.

4. Plastering Apprenticeship

Plastering involves installing and fixing the walls of buildings. Plasterers are required to measure and cut plasterboard, cover screw holes and joins with plaster compounds and then sand them back. They are also master craftsmen and create all those fancy ceiling roses and archway joints you see on The Block. This one is also a 4-year apprenticeship. 

5. Fitter and Turner Apprenticeship

Fitters and Turners are experts at pulling machines apart and then putting them back together again. They use precisions tools, production machinery and work from detailed technical diagrams. There are a number of specialisation opportunities available to you through completing a Fitter and Turner Apprenticeship. Depending on your on-the-job training you might find yourself equipped to work as a Diesel Fitter Mechanic, Fitter Machinist, Maintenance Fitter, Services Fitter, Fitter Welder, Sewing Machine Mechanic or Bench Fitter. Expect a 4-year apprenticeship to get fully qualified. 

6. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship

These are the people who assemble, install and maintain air con and refrigeration systems (aka. the heroes we all need during sweaty Oz summers). They might work in factories, residential homes, hospitals or commercial buildings. The major skills are mathematics, good communication and proficient use of tools. You also get the opportunity to do a bit of plumbing, a bit of electrical work and some specialisations with gas. Depending on your specialisation this apprenticeship can take 4-5years to complete all your training and licences. 

7. Boilermaking Apprenticeship

‘Boiler Making’ is a metal fabrication trade with a long history, often considered the modern day equivalent of the industrial Blacksmith. As a Boilermaker you are tasked with crafting a variety of metals to repair or produce ships, storage tanks, boilers, pipelines and other containers that have to withstand or enclose pressure systems.

As a Boilermaker Apprentice you will find yourself working in a variety of environments depending on your specialisation and your host employer. Boilermakers often have the opportunity to specialise as either a Boilermaker Welder or Boilermaker Marker Off, focusing on specific stages of the metal fabrication process. This allows you the opportunity to work with some exciting metals across a broad cross-section of industrial, mining and manufacturing industries. Check it out!

If you’re keen to learn the art of a trade or traineeship, check out the opportunities available at MIGAS and hit them up for more information about getting qualified.