Ahhh, the good old days of primary school where you would spend all day in one classroom with your friends, play handball at recess and lunch until the bell rang and head home after school to one sheet of homework and an afternoon of TV.

If you could do bubble writing then you were everyone’s best friend and there was nothing cooler than having a Maccas birthday party. Class sport meant your teacher pulling a giant rainbow parachute out and you would spend forever deciding which clip art font to use for your title whenever you got to use the classroom computer.

Getting your pen licence was the highlight of your entire year and you would die of fear when your teacher caught you and your mates passing notes and threatened to read them to the class. Heads down, thumbs up was the best game to play on a Friday afternoon and you would sulk for the whole of lunchtime if you forgot your hat and your teacher made you sit down in the shade.

Here’s a couple of things we all miss from the days of primary school:

1. Lunch orders

Every week mum would give you a brown paper bag with a fiver tucked inside. On the front you’d write your order for some nuggets or a pizza pocket and you’d wait with excitement until lunch time when someone would be asked to go collect the orders from the canteen. Your friends would watch jealously as they ate their Vegemite sandwiches while you washed your lunch down with a choccy milk.

2. MSN

You’d get home from school and jump straight on the computer to log onto MSN and chat to the people you had just spent the last six hours with. You’d antagonise over what font and colour you wanted your text to be and what song you wanted to be in your description. When you saw your crush come online you’d log out and in so that they would see your name pop up.‘Sorry my friend sent that’ was a flawless cover up for any message you accidentally sent on purpose to find out what someone would say. ‘brb’ and ‘gtg’ were easy ways to get out of a dead conversation and randomly adding a tonne of people to a chat and watching the drama unfold was both annoying and hilarious.

3. Seeing your teacher wheeling in a TV

You’d basically wet yourself with excitement when your teacher wheeled an old TV into the classroom. Despite the fact that no one really knew how to make the video player work, after 15 minutes of mucking around the teacher would manage to put something on the screen. It didn’t matter what you were watching, settling yourself down on the carpet cross-legged with your best friend beside you to watch an old video was the highlight of your week.

4. Drawing these bad boys all over your school books


Enough said.

5. Getting a visit from Healthy Harold

Despite threats that good ol’ Harold would no longer exist, he’s still alive and well; visiting kids in primary schools across the country. Teaching kids the perks of healthy living from the back of a van, Healthy Harold is an Aussie icon that will forever live on in our hearts.

6. Handball

You and your mates would quickly eat your food then get started on a solid game of hand ball. Before school, recess and lunch were all times for regaining your title of handball champ. There was nothing worse than getting out and not being able to get back in before the bell rang for class. On the flip side, managing to stay in King for the whole break made you feel like a true champion.

7. Tamagotchis

If you didn’t have a tamagotchi you weren’t cool and you would spend all day looking after your little digital pet. Eventually, they got banned at your school and you had to entrust it with your mum or dad during the day. Despite your detailed instructions on feeding and cleaning up your tamagotchi’s poop, you’d still get home from school and find it dead.