What’s the Army all about?

With a trade career in the Army, you’re more than a tradie. You’ll learn trade skills that you can put into practice on the world stage. We have some of the best trade training in Australia and you’ll receive nationally-recognised qualifications you can fall back on no matter where your trade career takes you.

Will it suit me?

You’ll receive paid training, a competitive salary and unbeatable benefits like full medical cover and rental assistance. You’ll also have a career that’s far from ordinary and know that you’re using your trade skills to make a real difference.

What will I learn?

You can walk straight into an Army Trades career if you’re already qualified in a relevant trade. Known as Qualified Entry, this opens up an incredibly diverse range of job opportunities.

Of course, we can also train you from the ground up. The Army provides some of the best trade training in Australia with nationally recognised qualifications you can fall back on no matter where your trade career takes you.

How long will it last?

When joining the Army you will be required to serve an Initial Minimum Period of Service (IMPS). This is to ensure the Army get an acceptable return for investing in your training. Essentially it is a period of time Army members are required to serve until they can voluntarily resign. The length of IMPS varies between jobs but generally speaking will be between four to six years.

What careers will there be for me?

In the Army, trade careers fall into three categories: Traditional trades, aviation trades, electronics and telecommunications.

Traditional tradies like carpenters, plumbers and electricians form a huge part of the Army. There are always general building maintenance tasks to be carried out on bases and other locations in Australia and abroad. We also have Vehicle Mechanics and Aircraft Technicians and a range of specialist trade roles.

Electronics and Telecommunications trades are focused on communications systems and a range of electronics. While Aviation tradies support our fleet of Black Hawk, Chinook, Tiger and MRH-90 helicopters.

What will I earn?

Your initial Salary while undertaking Military (Recruit) Training will be $34,460 per year, with increases as you progress through each stage of your training.