So you’ve got yourself into a little predicament. The university or the course you want to complete is miles from home and you’re thinking of just settling for the degree that maybe isn’t exactly what you were looking for. But hey, it’s close to Mum’s cooking and all your high school mates and Andy’s huge house party is in March and you can’t even do laundry so how the heck are you supposed to survive on your own?! 

Stop. Breath. And please, reconsider.

You usually only get to do university once. And you’re paying a truck load of money to be there, so why would you settle for second best simply because it’s close to home? Sometimes, securing yourself a good education means moving a little further than you might have hoped, but that’s okay. In fact – it’s great. Living on campus has some amazing perks that can outweigh the loss of Mum’s lasagne and Andy’s big 18th (you can always fly/drive back for it if it means that much to you anyway).

1. There’s more freedom

 Even if your parents don’t care what you do and where you go and who you’re doing it with (who are these parents and how do I acquire some?), living at home simply doesn’t compare to the freedom of on-campus living. Not only are you living life out from beneath your parents’ thumbs, you’re doing it with a bunch of other young people who feel the exact same freedom you do. It’s exhilarating to say the least.

2. There’s new friends

And while we’re on the topic, you’re going to be meeting a heap of these people. And they’re going to become your new family, which is great because they’re the kind of family who will drink beers and binge-eat pizza with you while you re-watch Stranger Things for the umpteenth time. They’re also the kind that you’ll get so close with that often they’ll stick around even after university is over. On campus living means there’ll always be someone around when you need a study buddy or a D&M sesh.

3. There’s a big social calendar

 There is always something going on at college. Parties, sports, dinners and organised events–you can choose to attend all or none of the above. Your social calendar can be as packed as you want it to be, and if you’re keen to improve your people-skills and social confidence, then it’s the place to be. It’s also the best way to meet all those friends we were talking about, and there’s always plenty of new people to meet on campus.

4. There’s the convenience

There’s nothing like rolling out of bed at 8:50am secure in the knowledge that you’re going to make it to your 9am lecture, with time to fix your bed hair and grab a jumbo coffee on the way. On campus living means you’re always in close proximity to where you need to be. And all that time you would have otherwise spent on early morning bus trips in snail-paced traffic can be put towards something useful, like studying for an exam or memorising the choreography from Single Ladies.   

5. And there’s the money

 Sure, when compared to living at home, on campus accommodation is more expensive. However, if you’re thinking of moving out in the next few years (which you probably are), on campus can actually be the more affordable option, depending on where you’re planning on living. This is because so much is often included in the accommodation cost, like food, Wi-Fi, furniture, cleaning services, and sometimes laundry. You’ll have to crunch the numbers to find out what’s best for you, but the initial costs of furnishing your own place could make on campus living look a whole lot more appealing.

The Australian National University (ANU) is one of those universities that many of you will be moving to live on campus at. They have ten separate undergraduate accommodation options of all different price points, so there are plenty of options for you to check out. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your accommodation–get the education you deserve and do it in style on campus.