The release day of the latest and oh-so-overhyped PlayStation 4 game is finally here. You’ve taken the arvo off work/study/general societal functioning and spent an exorbitant amount at JB Hi-Fi and the confectionary section of Coles in preparation. You worm yourself into your perfectly contoured couch indentation, grab your headphones and start playing.

It’s all going swimmingly until an hour into playing, when you realise things aren’t going the way they should in this game. And that’s when the frustrating thought strikes: I could have made this thing so much better. 

If you’ve ever had even a small stint as a gamer, then you’ve probably had this thought at some stage. I myself, whose skill in most games only comes from mashing the controller until something semi-impressive happens (unless we’re talking Mariokart, in which case I WILL school you), have had this thought. I have also had the thought that it would be a pretty sweet gig if it was my job to design and develop PlayStation games.

To say the gaming industry is booming right now would be an understatement – in 2020 the industry is set to bring in $143 billion. That’s why they need a whole new generation of young people who have the ideas and know-how to develop games. So if you’ve ever thought about a career in gaming, think a little more. It could be a very lucrative path to take.

Need some more convincing? Well, we’ve found a gaming degree that will get you real, practical experience creating PlayStation games as part of the PlayStation SIE Academic Development Program. The program allows a number of gaming educators around the world access to PlayStation development tools, which you’ll be able to do if you study a Bachelor of Software Engineering (Game Programming) at Media Design School at Torrens University in Sydney, Melbourne, Brissy or Radelaide.

In this degree, you wont just be developing simple platformer games with a few jumping pixels. You’ll be helping to develop complex PlayStation games with your peers that will go straight onto your portfolio and look ace to any potential employer. And if name-dropping PlayStation isn’t enough, you’ll also graduate as a Unity Certified Developer. You know Unity right, the biggest gaming platform in the world?

Plus, you can get all of this done in literally TWO YEARS. Media Design School have an accelerated program where you have the option of studying in trimesters to complete your degree a whole year faster. And, thanks to their old mates at Unity, they’ve got a number of scholarships available for their gaming courses too, so you have the chance to get your qualification without having to worry about the cash.

If game programming isn’t quite your jam, the school also has a degree in Game Art with their Bachelor of Creative Technologies, so you can be the one designing characters and worlds bigger and more beautiful than ever.

You’ll never think that you could make a game better again if you’re the one creating them. If you’re keen to know more about the gaming degrees at Media Design School, you can check out their website over here.