We’re in an age where we’re constantly connected. Our phones are glued to our hands and our eyes are glued to our screens. We follow, we like, we snap, we message and we text. We’re constantly ‘talking’- talking to our crush, talking to our friends, talking to the random you met at the party on the weekend. We tell our secrets to the people who message us late at night when we’re tucked up in bed and spend the next day running on caffeine rather than sleep.

For the most part, it’s exciting. There’s always that one person that just gets you. You stay up all night talking to each other even though you need to be up early in the morning. You’ll nap through Maths and, bleary eyed, make it through the day with the smug feeling that the missed hours of sleep were worth it.

Until it’s not.

We graduate. We get new jobs. We make new friends. We find new people. The old ones get boring and the spark is gone.

We don’t say goodbye– we leave messages on read. We leave phone calls to ring out and texts unanswered. We stop sending snaps and ignore updates.

Gone are the days of saying goodbye- we just cut people off. We do it to our mates, the people we promised we would be best friends forever with and to the people we liked, the crushes we spent hours day dreaming about. Graduation rolls around and we don’t say goodbye. Instead, we say we’ll keep in touch. We say we need to ‘catch up soon’- but we’re always too busy to organise anything. There’s no big fight, no storm of tears or slammed doors- it just ends. Gone are the days of getting the final word- no one wants to send the last message because it means it can be ignored.

We justify it when it happens. We tell ourselves that people just drift apart. Eventually we stop checking our phones for their message and when we see their name pop up we scroll past without a second glance. There’s no explanation, no reasons and it’s never the first time it’s happened.

And when your friends ask you what happened it’s pretty simple- we just stopped talking.