High school is overwhelming. It's so easy to feel bogged down after constantly being bombarded with assessments, homework and dreaded pop quizzes, let alone everything else happening in the whirlwind that is life. Everything is going on at once; new jobs, new relationships, new hobbies, new dreams and basically, high school feels like one big clusterfuck. It's so so so important though, amidst all this craziness, to stay on top of your mental health. Prioritise and look after yourself because you deserve to be happy.

1. Get some good food into ya

This seems like a bit of a cop-out pointer, but really take it into consideration. Prioritise eating scrumdiddlyumptious meals full of nutrition to keep your brain happy. Don't skip brekkie. Bring a big lunch to school with plenty of snacks to keep you alive between boring classes. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. It sounds simple, but when there's so much going on it's easy to neglect. 

2. Get moving, preferably outside

I'm not going to tell you to join a gym or run 10kms every morning but bloody hell, a whole lot of sitting happens during high school. So make your muscles love you by moving them around a bit! Join a sports team, walk the dogs or go for a beach swim. Just do anything that your endorphins will thrive from, especially if it's out in nature to get some healthy fresh air into you. Keep your body healthy and your vitamin D up and your brain will follow suit. 

3. Take a break

It's so easy to get caught up in studying, studying and more studying, but if you're getting overwhelmed by pressure and stress, it's time to take a break. Whether you just want some rest and relaxation, a calm walk, some meditation, a trip to the cinemas or you want to get out there into the world, hanging out with friends, going to a party, working on a hobby... Live in the moment, enjoy yourself and have a laugh. Let your strained brain have a breather and have a good time. Also, get enough sleep! Learn to balance all elements of life because, in the long run, schoolwork isn't everything and your happiness is much more important.

4. Express yourself

Express yourself...Okay, that sounds really lame and cliche but stay with me. Let your brain run wild whether it's through music, art or sport. Buy a journal and write whatever comes to mind, drawing anything and everything. Pick up new hobbies like skateboarding, tae kwon do, playing violin or sewing. Have something exciting to look forward to. 

5. Reach out

Rather than keeping things bottled up, it's such a good habit to share your feelings with your family and friends (even your dog if you want). Feeling stressed? Let it out! Your mum might be able to help you with studying, your dad might make your favourite dinner, your mates can drag you outside to have some fun. If you're feeling really down, reach out to anyone you feel comfortable with, whether it's your favourite teacher or the school counsellor. Let it out and reach out to people who can help you.

Just look after yourself!


Feeling down at the moment? Reach out to these guys for a chat. 

Lifeline 13 11 14

Kids Helpline 1800 551 800

MensLine Australia 1300 789 978

Beyond Blue 1300 22 46 36

Headspace 1800 650 890