You walk into a cinema. You sit down on the red velvet seat, popcorn and machine-diet-coke in hand. The film begins, and you know you’re going to be at complete peace until the credits roll.

If you’re someone who truly appreciates the beauty of film, without getting restless or checking your phone every ten minutes, you’ve probably dreamt of pursuing a career in the film industry. And then you remember that you’re ‘filming’ experience is pretty much limited to the Instagram stories you’ve posted of your dog, so you push that dream to the side because the world can’t ACTUALLY be your oyster.

You don’t need to have any experience with a camera to get started in the industry though, and it’s a myth that you need to have a 6-figure bank account and Baz Luhrmann as your father to get anywhere in film and tv. Because there’s a little thing called passion that could really get you to where you want to go. Well, that, and we’ve also found this pretty amazing degree that will get you started.

It’s from the guys over at JMC Academy, and it’s a degree in Film & Television Production that provides a hands-on, realistic course that’ll get you familiar with some of the best filming tech in the business. JMC don’t mess around when it comes to getting the highest quality equipment on offer, and with their course, you’ll have access to some very fancy toys and studios including:

  • RED EPIC-W™ HELIUM™ 8K S35 BRAIN cameras
  • Sony FS 700s,
  • green-screen studios, editing suites, colour grading equipment
  • iMac Pros
  • Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Micro Panels
  • classrooms fitted with 5.1 surround sound
  • HTC Vive and Occulus Go virtual reality equipment
  • full student loan facilities with lenses, cameras, lights and sound equipment available.

If all of that sounds like exciting gibberish to you, then you might want to know that one of the best things about JMC’s admission process is that they reward dedication over experience. If you have a drive that you’re willing to dedicate time into developing, the fact that you’ve never picked up a camera apart from your iPhone won’t matter in the slightest. You just need to have a love of all things cinema and television and a desire to tell your stories.

By jumping into this degree, you’ll have the chance to follow that one thing you’ve always wanted to do or branch out and figure out what you want to specialise in, whether that be a camera operator, a scriptwriter, a hot-shot director or a motion graphics designer. You’ll get to dabble in all of them with this degree and get a real feel for what it’s like working in the film and television industry.

Plus, you’ll get plenty of exposure to industry leaders, rubbing shoulders with the right people in the right places, as well as opportunities to apply the skills you’ve learned in very practical settings. You’ll be working towards creating your very own films and eventually come out the other end with a showreel that you can use to land yourself a gig doing what you’ve always wanted.

If you really do have the burning desire to do something creative, don’t ignore it. Don’t let parental, school or internal pressures drag you down on what you’re supposed to do. Next time you go to the movies, look up at the screen and think about what it would be like if you saw your name in the credits.

If you’re keen to give film and television a crack, or if you just to know more a little more info, jump over here and pop your details in to hear some more details about the course.