What’s it all about?

A career in real estate is an amazing pathway that often leaves it up to you to make your own decisions in how and what you do. Real estate is all about property, helping residential, commercial or industrial deals for your client to be as smooth and as profitable as possible.

The best thing about real estate is that it can be the right career path for just about everyone, no matter what you background or skillset is, you are dealing with people; and people have individual traits that you can tailor yourself to.

Will it suit me?

  • Are you prepared to work hard on your own merit?
  • Are you prepared be self motivated?
  • Are you passionate about property, people or sales?
  • Do you work well with others?
  • Are you committed and willing to work in a challenging setting?

Answer yes to these questions and you should keep reading Real estate!

What will I learn?

Depending on what you want to study, the different courses will offer different outcomes, to get started in this career you can choose between 3 different pathways that include either a Certificate IV, Diploma or Bachelor Degree.

  1. Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate): A certificate IV gives you the fundamental skills to sell and market property and delves into the details that you need to know if managing property and the functions behind real estate.
  2. Diploma of Property services: A diploma course will dive a little deeper into the real estate game with giving yu knowledge in property/ business law, marketing and property appraisal. This course will give you the skills for management as well as sales in either the residential, commercial or industrial sector.
  3. Bachelor Degree of Property and Real Estate is your most in depth option of study that facilitates the knowledge to specialise in your own preferred facet of real estate.

How long will the course last?

To get started in Real Estate, all it takes is gaining your Certificate of Registration. However there are number of courses and career paths, far beyond just selling a house.

  • Diploma – Full time study: 1 year
  • Bachelor Degree – Full time study: 3 years

What will I earn?

As a general rule with real estate agents, once you move into looking after your own clients a large portion of your earnings will be commission based. The percentage of commission will vary depending on the type of deal and industry that you work in however this can be a very good way of earning.

Some of the minimal wages for the industry are:

Commercial Management: $45,000 p.a

Residential Management: $35,000 p.a

Property Valuation: $50,000 p.a

Sales – Commercial: $32,000

Sales – Residential: $35,000

What careers will there be for me?

Your career path can go as far as your imagination can take you, as this industry gives you the fundamental skills that many business’s and industries rely on and you will be in a highly valuable position.