At a time when many industries are shrinking in Australia, the beauty industry is flourishing (can’t you tell? Everyone always looks so glam, tanned and glossy nowadays). A wider range of people are spending more and more money on their appearance, which means the industry has grown to generate approximately $5 billion revenue nationally this year.

That means that there are more and more jobs available within the industry, which is great news for any one who can see themselves working in beauty! The best thing about it is that you don’t need a Bachelor’s Degree to get started. Over 82% of people employed in the sector studied either a Diploma or Certificate III or IV. Which means it’s super easy to get into.

And seeing as the expected growth for the industry over the next five years is at least 22% increase in jobs, it’s looking like a pretty secure area to find work in. Here’s why.

1. Increase in male grooming

Beauty is primarily and traditionally a woman’s game. But in recent years, men have become much more concerned with their appearance. We’ve seen heaps more ‘manly’ products hit our shelves (spoiler, they’re often the exact same as the regular product just packaged in black or grey instead of pink. But hey! It works.) More men are paying for hair removal services and more specialty barbers are popping up to service the guys who want to keep their beard game strong.

2. Increase in excess income

It seems dropping money on cosmetics, hairdressing appointments and beauty treatments has become essential spending in many more households in recent years. An increase in disposable income for many people now and into the future will see the continued growth of the beauty industry, as more people spend their hard earned dollars on making sure they look a million bucks.

3. Growing population

More people means more hairs to cut, more faces to scrub, more nails to buff and polish and more naked bodies to tan. Pretty simple. And when the work is nearly always one-on-one, there’s gotta be heaps of workers ready and willing to meet the high demand.

4. Wider range of services and products available

The beauty industry is pretty genius at thinking up new ways for us to ‘improve’ our bodies. Light therapy, IPL and Laser treatments, brightening, tightening, detoxing,  scrubs, wraps  hydro-microdermabrasion and endermology are all a part of the growing number of treatments that are encouraging us to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.  That means there are heaps of things to learn how to do, and let’s be honest, by the time you finish your diploma, there’ll probs be a dozen new treatments too.

If all this sounds like the career you’ve been looking for, Ella Baché College offers a Diploma of Beauty Therapy. The 13-month on campus or 15 month EdFlex (blended online and on campus) course includes 150 hours of hands on work-experience and throughout the course, you’ll learn a wide range of beauty treatments, including facials, body massage and aromatherapy. There are no previous academic requirements needed to apply, which means you can start right away and with the beauty industry continuing to explode, why wait?

Oh–and the Diploma of Beauty Therapy gets you credit into the Bachelor of Health Sciences at VU too, so it’s definitely worth checking out.