I won’t lie to you, work can be shit. You’re always on your feet, cleaning up after people, clearing change rooms, scrubbin’ toilets and of course, dealing with every employee’s favourite type of customer–the mum with a “can I speak to a manager” haircut.

But, working is made bearable by your work mates. We’ve all got at least one person that we always want to get rostered on with because they just make the entire shift so much better. This is a shout out to the ones who make us smile through our best and worst days at work. What would we do without you?

There are so many reasons that work mates are special, here’s just a couple:

1. They know what it’s like to deal with a shit customer

It’s hard to explain how terrible a customer really is to friends that haven’t endured it before, especially if they’ve never worked in retail or hospo.

Your work mates know exactly how you’re feeling when someone complains about the cost of their bill (I don’t set the prices and you can read the menu before ordering), yells in your face or demands a refund even though they don’t have a receipt.

They’re the shoulder to bitch on and they know that the customer isn’t always right. Nothing brings two people together more than a mutual hatred for a terrible customer or the ability to fake smile through any situation.

2. They know when you’re not feeling 100%

Whether you’re battling a killer hangover or dealing with some family drama, work friends know when you’re a little out of it during your shift. One of the best parts of having a work bestie is how well they know you and they can tell the difference between when you haven’t got enough sleep and when you’re genuinely struggling.

They’ll either tell you to pull your head in or they’ll help pick up the slack with no questions asked (and without snitching to the manager) because they know you’d do the same for them.

3. They know wayyyyy too much about your life

Something about spending every day at work together makes it totally acceptable to tell your work mates every tiny bit of gossip about your life. Nothing is off limits. Whether it’s drama about the latest person you hooked up with, your sex life, family issues or whatever show you’re watching on Netflix, there’s nothing better than rocking up to work ready to spill all the juicy details.

The best work mates are the ones that’ll let you get it all off your chest then fire back with their own experience or words of advice. They probably know you more than you know yourself but it’s never weird letting them in on so much about you. And, since you probably don’t see each other outside of work, your only option is to fill them in on every detail of your life outside your shift.