I’ll kick this off with quite possibly the most used mantra by uni students everywhere–Ps get degrees.

If you’re a newbie or unfamiliar with the term, it basically means that passing is all you need to graduate in the end. The only difference between you and a student that got a HD is your academic transcript. Depending on your profession, it could be irrelevant. Most employers are more interested in who you are and your personality than the mark you received in the History of Ancient Rome. When you spend so much time studying at uni, you’re missing out on all the other aspects of uni that make it memorable.

Uni clubs and societies host a tonne of events and parties. More importantly, these events get you out there and socialising with people who share the same interests. Giving it a skip because you want to be couped up in the library means you’ll miss out on meeting some rad people, some that could potentially be your best mates.

Another aspect of uni life is the infamous uni nights. Almost every city or town that has a uni will have a night catered towards uni students. That means cheap drinks to get absolutely sloshed.

In my area, it’s Wednesday nights and a local bar that does karaoke goes off. You wouldn’t be able to create the hilarious memories (if you remember the night anyway) if you were studying, hey?

But personally, the one that takes the cake is the opportunity to go on exchange with your uni. Some (not much, just some) studying is required. But for most of it, you’re given the chance to explore new places, devour foreign cuisine and party all while you’re kickin’ back on the Amalfi Coast. Plenty of my mates have done it and said its been the highlight of their uni experience (if not their entire life) so far. If you’re set on studying and getting out of uni as soon as you can, you won’t even realise that exchanges exist.

Look, I’m not advocating that you throw in the towel and say sayonara to studying. Nor am I suggesting that people who study are nerds–they’ve got a strong work ethic and I give them props for that admirable trait I wish I had. Studying is important and at points in the semester you're definitely going to need to knuckle down and hit the books so you can actually get through your degree.

But sometimes it’s alright to step back, take a deep breath and realise that your uni years have the potential to be pretty damn amazing. Why not make the most of them?