Uni open days are a sure-fire way to suss out whether a uni is right for you. With the promise of free food and tote bags, they’re definitely worth your time.

Here are some tips that will make the whole thing a lil bit smoother and make sure you get the most out of any open day you head along to.

1. Bring your mates

Walking around your future uni for the first time can be a really fun and informative day but having your buds around can make it that little bit easier.

Your mates will back you if you need to ask questions, will make sure you don’t get lost (and even if you do, at least you’re in it together) and if you’re travelling, taking your crew can make for the perfect road trip.

Even if your best friend isn’t heading to the same uni or doing the same degree, it’s always good to have that little bit of extra support.

2. Plan ahead

Most open days have a really comprehensive guide as to what sessions are on and what degrees they’re offering, so it’s better for you in the long run if you have your day planned beforehand.

You should definitely be looking to get online and sort out your day before you even get to the campus – it’ll mean you’re always in the right place at the right time and you won’t miss out on any of the good stuff.

3. Don’t stay in the same place

At open days, there’s a risk that all of your seminars and info sessions could take place in the same building. While this can be super convenient, it also means you’re stuck in one spot on the campus.

Looking around a bit more is definitely worth your time – you could potentially be spending the next few years of your life there.

Go for a wander; check out the library and find the comfiest study nook, explore the food court and suss out where you can buy the cheapest coffee. Stick your nose into lecture halls and empty classrooms – the worst someone will do is ask you to leave and you’ll have the chance to check out somewhere else. Figure out how the buildings are organised, read the campus map and then let yourself get lost – getting familiar with the place is the whole point of uni open days, so take advantage of it.

4. Bring your parents

Bringing your parents to an open day is actually a pretty good idea. They can provide opinions and will probably ask questions you haven’t even thought of yet. They’re good for moral support and there’s nothing wrong with wanting your mum or dad by your side if you’ve never been to the campus before. While they might drag you along to seminars you would never pick, just go along with it. They’ve got your best interests at heart and it’s not going to hurt to hear ‘em out.

5. Find out about student exchange (and other cool opportunities)

A uni experience you don’t want to miss out on is exchange, and you’re better off finding out about it sooner rather than later. You could turn your dream travel destination into the place where you do your degree for a semester or even a year.

The open day is the perfect chance to ask about exchange as well as other opportunities – think scholarships, living on campus or real work experience. Basically, all the stuff that’s going to prepare you for life after you graduate.

If you’re getting keen to check out a uni, Macquarie University is holding their Open Day on Saturday 17th of August, and you can find out more info and register for all the good stuff they’ve got going on right over here.

We reckon it’s definitely worth heading along to, plus, if you register, you'll automatically go in the draw to win a Macbook Pro so round up your friends, plan your day and get to the MQ campus on the 17th.