It doesn’t always pay to be the ‘good’ kid. Sometimes, you just have to live a little. Here’s four reasons why getting in trouble in high school isn’t as bad as you think.

1. Life’s too short to be worried about what people are thinking of you

Life is exciting. And being a teenager is pretty cool too. Why worry about boring, irrelevant assignments or overly strict teachers when there are so many adventures on the horizon, so many wild nights and love stories and laughs?

If you find yourself overworked, exhausted, and unhappy, it’s not worth it. A high ATAR won’t count for anything if you look back and realise you wasted all your best years in front of your laptop.

Go outside, make as many mistakes as you need to, get in trouble and have mad experiences. It's cheesy and a cliché but these are your teenage years so make the most of them.

2. You’ll have a good story to tell

When you’re old, retired and doing fine (because you will be fine, trust me), and your little grandkids look up to you with wide eyes and ask you about your adventures, what will you have to tell them? That you studied hard and were always a good student and never got in trouble except for that one time you forgot your school hat? Whether it’s sneaking out at night to see your crush, going to the party when you told your mum you'd stay in or simply following your own passion instead of studying something your teachers want you to, you’ll always have a better story to tell at the end of it.

3. You’ll be better prepared for the real world

Outside of school you have to make your own decisions. That means listening to the mad voice inside your head, doing what you think is right, and going out of your comfort zone to get what you want. You can listen to all the advice in the world, but we still need to make our own mistakes to grow.

Life isn’t straightforward and you're going to make mistakes whether you want to or not. Start young. Be brave and follow your own interests and hobbies. You’ll be happier, even if you get in trouble. Your passions and memories will last but your school experience ends at the final school bell.

4. When high school is done and dusted, you never have to go back

When you’re in high school, it kind of feels like the whole world revolves around your classes. Everything you do seems really important; each assignment deadline is like the end of the world. But guess what? When you leave, you’re completely free. If you choose, you never have to go back and you never have to think about it ever again. At the end of the day, getting in trouble isn’t a big deal.

Nobody is going to remember. You’ll be fine, and you’ll be grateful for the experiences you made. 

It’s easy to follow the rules but why not have a lil fun breaking them?

by Isaac Irons