Whether it’s schoolies, a week away or you and your mates have decided to do a Contiki together- be aware that it’s possible that you will come back hating each other. Going from seeing people for a couple of hours a day to being with them 24/7 while travelling can quickly tear apart years of bonding and solid friendship. But, if you’re determined to bring your besties with you (after all, they will take the best holiday snaps for you), here’s how to survive with your sanity and friendship intact.

1. Pick the right friend/s

It seems obvious but if you know that your bestie has a heap of quirks that piss you off- don’t go travelling together. You might think that you and your friends get along great, but when you’re forced to spend so much time together you quickly realise how annoying they can be. Pick and choose your friends to go travelling with wisely and if it only takes a day with someone for you to start getting annoyed- don’t spend a weekend/week/month away with them.

2. Separate rooms

You might want to save money by rooming together but if you can afford it, stay separate. You and your friend will need time away from each other and after a long day the easiest way to get some time to yourself will be to head to your own room. This can also prevent arguments about bathrooms and whether one person is messier than the other.

3. Spend time away from each other

Not everything needs to be a group activity. Don’t be afraid to spend some time doing your own thing, and meeting up with your friend/s later. Even having lunch at separate places can give you valuable time apart and will give you and your friend a chance to try different things if you don’t want to see/do the same stuff.

4. Pre book as much as you can to avoid money issues

If you’re doing something like a cruise with your mates, pre book as much as you can so you can avoid arguments about how much someone owes later down the line. Be up front with things like food and tour costs and let your mate know at the start if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend so there’s no confusion later. Avoid situations like shouting each other drinks if you know you have more money to spend and make sure you have an idea of each other’s budget.

5. Be flexible

You trip will not go according to plan. No matter how many hours of meticulous planning you do, something will go wrong. Missed buses, delayed flights and getting lost are an inevitable part of going away. Usually, it won’t be anyone’s fault and will be easily fixed once you get over freaking out, so avoid putting blame on your friends if something unexpected happens or things change.