Life can get repetitive. Working or studying all day, going home, chilling out for a bit, sorting out some food, then heading to bed at a reasonable hour because you’ve gotta do it all again tomorrow.

Even when you’ve left school or work for the day, the thought of having to go back tomorrow looms over you, affecting what you feel like doing in your hours of freedom. Your responsibilities begin to dominate your life.

Welcome to the daily grind.

When you get stuck in the grind, things can look pretty bleak. If each day is the same, they tend to blur into one. If Tuesday was just as unexceptional as Wednesday, it becomes hard to remember which day was which. Life goes by in an unremarkable blur.

If you’re spending all week on auto-pilot, resenting work or school and waiting for the weekend to arrive, you need to mix things up. The daily grind can actually be quite enjoyable if you learn to make the most of your life outside.

1. Do all of your prep in one day

Get all of the un-fun life admin stuff you've got to do out of the way in one day. Do the groceries, clean your room, go to that dentist appointment you've been putting off. Do your meal prep, plan what you are going to wear throughout the week, and get all of the washing done.

Sunday evenings are a great time to just get shit done. Now when you get home from work, your evenings are completely free and at your disposal.

2. Find yourself a hobby (or two)

Nothing mixes up the grind like a couple of extracurricular activities. Learn a language. Do a cooking class. Pick up the guitar. Join a touch footy team. Go to a weekly trivia night with the crew. Learn how to sew. Host a movie night. Take a metal detector down to the beach and look for hidden treasure (my personal favourite). 

The list of things you could do is infinite; what’s important is that you choose something that you enjoy. If you’re having fun in your free time, you might even start finding work a bit more enjoyable too.

3. Try early mornings

Sometimes after a big day at work, all your brain wants to do is get some rest. Don’t force yourself to stay away just because you feel like you need to squeeze every drop of life out of your day.

Get to bed early and wake up early. It’s incredible how accomplished you feel when you get to work or school at 9am and have already been up and making the most of life for hours beforehand.

4. Hang out with the work crew

Do you know anything about the people you work with? Do you run out of things to say to each other? Try organising a night out with the work team, or entering yourselves into a social sporting competition. You’ll find you have way more to talk about and you might even start looking forward to going to work to see the gang.

As important as it is to have healthy relationships with the people you work with, it’s also just as important to have friends outside of work. If you only hang with your workmates, your work will begin to dominate your life yet again.

5. Commute the right way

Depending where you live, getting to and from work or school can take some serious time out of your day. It’s important to remember that when you’re on your way to work, you’re not at work yet. Make the most of this free time - don’t waste it scrolling through your phone.

If you’re on public transport, get absorbed in a book. If you have to stand, try a podcast or an album you’ve never listened to. Start a conversation with the person next to you. If you live close enough, start your day by walking or riding to work. Don’t think about work until you’ve physically walked through the door.

If you follow these tips to spice up the daily grind, it will begin to feel like less of a grind and more of an enjoyable way to spend your days.