Building an acting career is no small feat. In fact, breaking into the film and television industry can seem like an extremely daunting task and many turn away from acting as a career because of that. But we at Year13 have always said that following your passions is the most important thing you can do in life – you just have to find the right path to do it.

So, if acting is your jam and you need industry-based training to lead you on your path of success, then we really need to talk about Screenwise.

Who is Screenwise?

These guys are Australia’s leading school for Film and Television Actors. They’re Sydney-based and they focus specifically on preparing graduates for a solid career on the big screen (and since working actors make, on average, 85% of their wages from Film and TV gigs, it makes sense that this is the primary objective).

But one of the best things about Screenwise is that they’re all about providing graduates with the skills to not only act, but also to find work and build relationships in this competitive industry. They basically teach you how to manage yourself as a brand and give you the business-savvy knowledge to market your profile as an actor. Because being a good actor can only get you half of the way there – it’s knowing how to wield your talent and showcase it to the right people that will get you onto national and international screens.

As former student and working actress Nicole Milinkovic said, “It is by far the most practical course out there that has equipped me with all the fundamental skills and tools needed to match todays industry’s high demands.”

And what do they do exactly?

Screenwise offers a bunch of different courses, ranging from intensive full-time diploma courses to part-time creative and short/introductory courses. Their Diploma is accredited and all shorter courses are up-to-date with Australian and international film industry standards.

 To break it down, the courses on offer are:

  • Two-Year Diploma of Screen Acting – a course that was pioneered by Screenwise and is the first of its kind in the industry. Applications are opening on the 1st September, and this is a top qualification to have, so get on it.
  • One-Year Part-Time Showreel Course  – which provides graduates with an up-to-date showreel that they can then use as a resume to get acting work.
  • Short Screen Acting courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels – either to get you started in the industry or to build on existing skills, e.g. American accent courses, improvisation, etc.

The class sizes are tightly focused, meaning the learning style is intimate and you’ll get more out of your teachers. Plus, the teaching staff is made up of award-winning actors, directors and casting consultants – people who have done their time in the field and in many cases, continue to work in the industry. This means you’ll not only get the insider tips and tricks, but you’ll also be making connections and building up your network, which can definitely come in handy later down the track.

How can I get amongst it?

Screenwise’s Diploma of Screen Acting is an awesome place to start if you’re keen on a career in film and/or television. Applications for Screenwise’s 2018 diploma intake open on September 1 and close on November 15, so you better get moving if you want to get involved. You can register your interest for the diploma course or check out more about the Diploma of Screen Acting on their website.