You know when you meet someone for the first time and you’re going through all those inane details of each other’s lives, like if you’re working or studying at the moment?

Most of the time you’re on autopilot but sometimes they ask that godawful question- ‘so,  what are your hobbies?’

That’s when you realise that all you do is work, study, sleep and wait for the weekend.

To help you break that sleep/study/repeat cycle, here’s a couple of hobbies that don’t completely suck.

1. Making playlists

There’s no greater satisfaction than making a perfect playlist, trust me. Whether it’s for a party, the gym or a soundtrack to drive to, having the right music to accompany you can turn whatever it is you’re doing into a cinematic masterpiece.

Plus, if you’re good enough you can try to get one of those jobs out there that involve playlist curation, or you can end up going viral like this Uber driver.

2. Filming/Video creation

In high school there’s a tonne of events that are worth getting out your camera/Go Pro/phone and recording. Think athletics carnivals, birthday parties, talent quests or school photos.

Even days where you’re just heading to the beach with your mates or lazing around after school can make for solid footage for an end of year wrap up video.

By the time you get to your final year of high school you’re going to wish you did capture these days on film (even if it’s just so that you can make the best graduation video ever) so make the decision to start filming things now; when the time comes you’ll be glad you’ve got all those moments to look back on.

3. Road trips

Before you tell me that going on road trips isn’t a hobby- hear me out. Road tripping gives you the chance to find hidden look outs, swim at tiny beaches and walk along trails that lead you away from the reality of studying and school.

Road trips mean playlists, snacks and mini adventures with your favourite people. And when someone asks what you did on the weekend, saying you went on a road trip to god knows where is a pretty good conversation starter.

Road trips have all the characteristics of a solid hobby- it’s fun, relatively cheap and let’s you forget about the ‘real’ world for a little while.

4. Photography

You don’t have to go all out and buy a brand new, professional camera for this one (although, if you’re keen on that go for it).

You can literally head to Kmart, buy a cheap disposable and get snapping of all the shit you and your mate get up to.

You’ve probably noticed all the photos we have on Year13 and on our insta- and they’re all taken and sent in to us by people who have just grabbed a camera and started taking photos at live gigs, their friends party or just studying in the library.

5. Hiking/Biking/Outdoor Adventuring

This hobby is actually one of those rare perfect trifectas- it involves exercise, it gives you some sweet Instagram shots, and there’s no subscription fee. And since Australia has no shortage of beautiful coastline or national parks, there’s always somewhere new to explore.

Start with a short coastal walk and in no time, you’ll be hiking through mountains and talking shit by a campfire on some wicked week long trek. 

6. Writing

Writing serves many purposes. It can be purely for fun, or it can be a therapeutic way to make sense of the mess in your head. You can write stories, reviews, poems, articles, essays, songs, or even memes. You can do it with no intention of ever getting money from it, or you can try to make a career out of it. You can even try to write really cool platforms like us- imagine all the props you’ll get from your friends.

7. Learning a language

Failing to learn a language is such a common regret amongst my friends and I, so don’t you dare make the same mistakes we did.

Imagine being able to fly to another country and, instead of having the people over there bend over backwards to accommodate us lazy-ass English speakers, you get to blow their minds with some sweet linguistics.

8. Collecting stamps

Okay, the rest of the Year13 crew have notified me that this hobby does actually suck. One day they’ll learn.

9. Dancing

Again, this one’s great because it’s exercise made fun so you’re actually getting healthy as well as making some solid friendships.

If you take a weekly class then you’re forming connections with people that have at least one shared interest with you, and best-case scenario you end up going to things like salsa parties with them.

10. Bouldering

Do you remember in primary school when one year all the kids decided to have a rock-climbing party? Well, now there’s an adult version and it’s called bouldering (it’s basically rock-climbing without the ropes).

Of course, rock-climbing is dope too and needing a partner adds a social aspect to it but bouldering has that sweet novelty factor.

Plus, bouldering involves some problem-solving skills which means you’re flexing your brains as well as your muscles.